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How to refill the Originale "Fits All Tubs" Sangenic Cassette?

Note: on the video you can see the SKID -1. We innovated the SKID-1 in the year 2014 to SKID-2, which is white, lacquered and slippery. This makes the filling of the cartridges even faster. Currently we sell only SKID-2, even if on some old pictures you can find SKID-1.


Sametic Foil - the alternative filling for Nappy Bins.

Special bins for nappies are essential for hygiene when caring for a baby. The using of these bins was expensive until recently. Our film is intended for cassettes into bins:

Tommee Tippee®:
- Nursery Essentials™
- Sangenic® Hygiene Plus
- Nappy Wrapper
- Nappy Wrapper Maxi
- Captiva
- Captiva Deluxe
- Captiva Comfort
- Litter Locker® I
- Litter Locker® II
- Litter Locker® Plus
- Playtex® Diaper Genie
- Windeleimer Startplus
- Vital Baby

According to the user test the original cassette contains from 6,6m (Angelcare) to 12.2m (Tomme Tippee) of foil. With our plastic foil, you save storage space and it’s from 68%* to 87%** less cost! 

The main advantages

  • Cost savings - the film is cheaper than the entire cassette by 68*-87**% percent (you save about 172* - 523** € per year / child)
  • When using our plastic you will reduce the demand for storage space.
  • The same material as the original film
  • Save the environment

Environmental solutions

  • The film is made from polyethylene (a compound of carbon and hydrogen).
  • Clean combustion produces carbon dioxide, which are good for plants. If your waste goes to incineration, you don’t need to feel bad.
  • You don’t throw away empty plastic cassettes or the plastic packaging.
  • Goods are delivered wrapped in recycled wrapping paper.

Ask our customers

On website forums with child and parent themes (e.g. Emimino.cz), you find opinions of our customers. We are very happy to read their comments and enthusiastic responses to our product.

The characteristic of the bins Tomme Tippee® - Sangenic and Angelcare® - Captiva

With its unique design and individually wrapping dirty nappies in an endless film, bins are at least 25 times more efficient in the prevention of odor and environmentally friendlier than individual bags for nappies. Impermeable foil seals each diaper individually, locks the bad odor and therefore there is no bacterial threat to your children. Refill cassettes can be replaced in the bin very easily without any disassembly or tools, just pick up the old - empty cassette and insert a new one after lifting the lid bin.

Refilling the film in cassette

  • Refilling cassettes with our film is very simple, just follow instruction.
  • No tools, just scissors to cut off film.
  • Refill will take 90 seconds.


In the instructions manual, you’ll find:

  • How many meters are in the original cassette from Tomme Tippee?
  • How do I know if offered film is suitable for me?
  • How to refill an empty cassette with replacement film?


 Be environmentally friendly and save up to 210 € per year / child – reusing the original cassette with our foil!